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Jazz Frequencies from the Balkans

Jazz comes in shapes and colours, but in the case of Naked, it takes a complete new dimension. Naked is a band from Belgrade which embodies the revelry of rock and roll and the old traditions of Balkan music. In every tune they fire up a cornucopia of musical contours splashed over traditional folk tunes.

To date Naked has released three studio albums, Noys (2008), Get Naked (2011), Nakedonia (2015) and this year they are releasing their fourth album titled YES. The song you listen here is contained in that album.

Naked is a truly melting pot of sounds and rhythms. These guys are definitely something not to be missed.

In this video

Branislav Radojkovic
Goran Milosevic
Djordje Mijuskovic
Rastko Uzunovic
Behind Camera
Gintas Berzinskas
Gabriel Orentas
Post Production
Gabriel Orentas