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Gipsy Jazz

Mihail Ivanov Verbitsky is recognized as a master of Classic Guitar, not only in Russia but also around the world. He was born in Latvia in 1958 from a family of actors. By 1965 Mihail's family moved to Luhansk where he finished accordion and other musical studies. From 1971 Mihail began playing guitar for the band "Gilia Romen", after several years he would move to Vladimir Klimashenko's project "Russian Gypsys" He participated in few Gypsy programmes and shows, one very popular was the one at the restaurant "Kontinental" produced by Leonid Vasilievich, this show gather the best performers of the Gypsy musical scene in Russia. In one occasion in Moscow, Mihail had the opportunity to play in a show for Liza Minnelli.

Throught the "Kontinental" years, Mihail would have the opportunity to meet and play with numerous artist, but perhaps the one he remembers the most would be "Gypsy Kings" visit to Moscow and the jam sessions organised with Russian musicians. During this time, four of the musicians attending the sessions had the idea to found a new band. This the time when the "Shtar" was born (not to be confused with the Israeli rock band of the same name).

During the 90s, Shtar became very popular band in its own right and Mihail Ivanov-Verbitsky have been playing the guitar for them until this day. As a session musician, Mihail has work alongside with the likes of Alla Pugacheva, Philipp Kirkorov, Leonid Agutin, Zhasmin, Lyubov Uspenskaya and many other artist of the Russian pop scene.

We had great pleasure to meet Mihail personally in Vilnius and make this film for the Juke Train. He is accompanied In the percussion by Leonid from Jazz Rom.

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Gediminas Bartuška
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Gabriel Orentas
Dora Plataunaitė