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Passengers on Morton Subotnick's Spaceship

Keymono is a band that lives in the extremes of musical eras. Their music can only be describe as highly elastic stretching over decades of musical styles. Imagine Morton Subotnick making Trip-Hop music with Beth Gibbons in 1956 with a Nintendo console they stole during a routine time travel to 1985 and you'll get the picture.

Ok, never mind that. Better go and listen to their music. There are no excuses, these guys are everywhere: Spotify? check, iTunes? check, Amazon? check, CDs? check, Vinyl? but of course!

They are talented, driven, patient, focused, but above all they are very professional. When you commit to the right path success follows suit.

A note on the side. As fortuitous citizens of a small country we rarely (or never) have something to brag about while abroad. But perhaps one day one of us (beer in hand) would be able to say something more or less like this: "Hey! you see this band in Billboard's hot chart? they are from my country, they are from Lithuania!"

In this video

Composing, keyboards, programming, mixing, you name it
Alvydas Maciulskas
Aurimas Rimeikis
Daiva Starinskaite
Jonas Gliaudelis
Behind Camera
Gintas Berzinskas
Gediminas Bartuška
Edita Anglickaitė
Gabriel Prentas
Post Production
Gabriel Orentas
Dora Plataunaitė