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Music from the misty shores of the Faroe Islands

If something distinguishes Eivør from many other singers, it's her uncannily eerie and smashingly lyrical voice. When we listen to her music we feel suspended between two very differnt epochs. One, sends us back to a time of tribes, rituals and shamans. The other, transport us to another of spaceships, aliens and cosmic travellers. We think she might belong to either one of those, but surely, she is certainly not of this time.

Her songs contain a variety of styles. Sometimes poetic, sometimes techno-pop, sometimes rough and tribal, sometimes heavily industrial. Despite the acute differences between those styles, they feel settled and even uniformed by the intimate way of her performance and I should repeat, her uncanny vocal style.

We feel particularly proud to have Eivør in the Juke Train and furthermore to perform in this building which opened doors 150 years ago.

One special note:

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the workers of "Depas" the locomotive depot. They were most kind and patient as we (unknowingly) invaded their working space.

Furthermore we want to publicly acknowledge the directors and supervisors at "Depas" for hosting us so kindly and their ample collaboration in the realization of this project. Many, many thanks indeed.

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Eivør Pálsdóttir
Høgni Lisberg
Mikael Blak
Behind Camera
Gediminas Bartuška
Dora Plataunaite
Vytenis Jurevičius
Post Production
Gabriel Orentas
Dora Plataunaite