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What Happens When the Brits Come to Europe

Alright Gandhi is a quirkily gorgeous international band formed by Rosa Mercedes, Pietro Fornara and Dominick Gray. The trio it's a melting pot for organic sounds and unconventional rhythms which beautifully blend with Rosa's clever lyrics and embracing vocal performance.

The band has toured some 15 countries including the Baltic States where we have the opportunity to meet them and shoot a few videos at Vilnius train station (which, by the way, has a great bar for trainspotters).

The band is releasing their new album Somewhere Else on 1st of June this year and it's going to be their second, so you better catch up and get their first one before is too late... oh no wait... it is too late. No worries, you can still find it in Apple Music or Spotify.

Many thanks to our friend Deividas Jakavičius for the backline and bar Peronas for lending us the electrical outlets to power up all the stuff :-)

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Rosa Mercedes
Pietro Fornara
Dominick Gray
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Gediminas Bartuška
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Gabriel Orentas